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any order <2000 usd get free Gunbot One
any order 2 units >2000 usd each free Gunbot Standard
any order 3 units >2000 usd each free Gunbot Pro
any order 5 units >2000 usd each free Gunbot Ultimate
any order 6 units >2000 usd each free Gunbot Ultimate unlimited Api Exchange Slots


Purchase your industrial ASIC mining equipment used and new all prices are subject to change based on availability and btc volativity send me a mesage on anything that you are interested shipping is not included to sertain locations we can send world wide send me a mesage 


Antminer S19j Pro 104T 6700 usd

Avalon 1246 90t 4800 usd
Avalon 1246 85t 4300 usd
Avalon 1246 83t 4100 usd
Avalon 1126 60t 2600 usd
Jasminer x4-1u 7500 usd


Bitmain S19 PRO 104t 5700 usd
Bitmain S19 95t 4700 usd
Bitmain S19j 94t 5900 usd
Bitmain S19 pro 110t 6300usd
Bitmain S9j 14t 264usd MOQ 5
Bitmain Z15 420K 5500usd
Bitmain Z11 135K 1500usd
Bitmain L3+ 504M 250usd MOQ 5
Bitmain S9K 14t 190usd MOQ 5
Bitmain T15 22/23T 340usd MOQ 5
Avalon 1246 85T 3700usd
Avalon 1246 83T 3500usd
Avalon 1246 81T 3300usd
Avalon 1066 PRO 55t 2000usd
Avalon 1066 50T 1800usd
Innosilicon A11 1500M 13500usd
Innosilicon A10 PRO 7G 720M 5900usd
Innosilicon A10 PRO 8G 720M 6500usd
Innosilicon T2TZ 30T 1200usd
Innosilicon T2TH 30T 1000usd
Innosilicon T2Ti 25T 350usd MOQ 5

Whatsminer M31S 80T-84T 49usd/Th
Whatsminer M31S 74-78T 47usd/Th
Whatsminer M21S 54-58T 41usd/Th
Whatsminer M20S 65-68T 44usd/Th

Duities, taxes and shipping are the buyers responsability, we can aid with a low cost invoice for customs, a video of the working miner will be provided prior to shipping to the customer, shipping varies depending on the customers location, make shure you  can clear customs in your country.